Zeko is a Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem specifically designed for Mina's zero-knowledge applications, zkApps. It offers developers a robust platform to build and deploy zkApps with improved throughput and quick confirmation times.

At its core, Zeko provides developers with a fully Mina-equivalent application layer, enabling them to easily create and deploy zkApps while enjoying significantly improved performance metrics. By leveraging the security and tooling of Mina, Zeko simplifies the development process and offers seamless integration with the existing Mina ecosystem.

Zekos modular architecture will allow for the creation of custom zkRollups, providing developers with reusable modules for data availability, proof generation, and shared sequencing. This modular approach empowers developers to tailor Zeko to suit their specific application requirements.

Furthermore, Zeko serves as an L2 interoperability layer, facilitating composability and integration across different blockchain ecosystems. Through its recursive capabilities, Zeko enables the folding of L2 state into Mina zkApps, extending interoperability to both Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols. This interoperability extends further with bridges, enabling seamless integration for cross-chain developers accessing Zeko directly.

In summary, Zeko is a versatile and powerful platform that enables developers to harness the full potential of ZK technology within the Mina ecosystem, paving the way for innovative zkApps.


What is a zkApp?

A zkApp is a zero-knowledge smart contract on Mina Protocol. These smart contracts leverage zero-knowledge proofs to correct state transitions, allowing transactions to be proved off-chain and verified without revealing private data.

What are the benefits of building on Zeko?

  1. Enhanced scalability: Faster throughput than Layer 1 Mina.
  2. Rapid finality: Instant confirmation compared to Mina.
  3. Developer-friendliness: Seamlessly compatible with Mina tools and infrastructure.
  4. Interoperability: Bridge your funds to the layer 1 seamlessly.

How is Zeko different from other Layer 2 solutions?

  1. Seamless Tooling Integration: Existing Mina developer tools, libraries, and even front-end browser wallets work out-of-the-box with Zeko. No need to learn a new language or rebuild your tech stack.
  2. Rapid Onboarding: Developers familiar with Mina can immediately begin building zkApps on Zeko without a steep learning curve. This accelerates development time significantly.
  3. Shared Community and Resources: Zeko developers benefit from the rich and active Mina community, leveraging existing knowledge and support.

What kinds of applications can be built on Zeko?

  • Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
  • Privacy-focused gaming platforms
  • Scalable social media protocols
  • Anonymous identity solutions

...and many more!