For network operators

Build Your Own Zeko Network: The Power of Customization

Zeko's modular architecture empowers you to create your own custom rollup network with tailored specifications. This ability to fine-tune your network offers several advantages:

  • Application-Specific Optimization: Design your rollup with a specific application in mind. Choose parameters like the data availability solution, history archivation, or bridging to perfectly suit your needs.
  • Control & Security: Running your own Zeko rollup means you remain in full control of security and governance parameters. This is crucial for sensitive applications or those with specific compliance needs.
  • Innovation Sandbox: Custom Zeko networks act as innovation zones. Experiment with new ideas, or unique consensus models without impacting the wider Zeko ecosystem.

With Zeko, the possibilities are vast. Whether you desire a privacy-focused rollup, a gaming-optimized network, or a solution tailored for specific enterprise requirements, Zeko provides the tools to make it happen.

For network operators

To run custom Zeko network refer to the sequencer documentation.